As a national body, USACUSA oversees umpiring and scoring across USA. The following are the local umpiring and scorers associations proudly affiliated with the United States of America Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (USACUSA). These affiliated associations play a vital role in extending our commitment to excellence in cricket officiating at the grassroots level, ensuring that the spirit of the game is upheld across the nation. Together, we form a strong and united community of cricket officials dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of cricket in the United States.

For contact details of each association, please get in touch with the USACUSA Secretary, Mr. Jatin Karvir at 

  1. Atlanta Cricket Umpires Association 
  2. Florida Cricket Umpires Association 
  3. New York Cricket Umpires Association
  4. New Jersey Cricket Umpires Association
  5. New England Cricket Umpires Association – NECUA
  6. Washington DC Cricket Umpires Association